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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Humans can be really unpleasant to one another at times, especially when bodily functions are involved. American culture is filled with expectations of women smelling nice and being demure, but the reality is that everybody farts, and this is a natural behavior of every human body. So even if it isn’t pretty, it’s real life.

We Toot! By Ashley Wheelan is a book that celebrates the fact that human bodies are beautiful for all the sounds and smells they produce. It tells the story of six elementary school-aged girls who meet up for a sleepover and, while there, one of them lets out some smelly gas. At first embarrassed, the girls look to ostracize the culprit, but when one girl bravely admits to the deed, a feeling of acceptance envelopes the story. Please see my full review here.

Even before the book is opened, the illustrations jump out and set the stage for a delightful and heartwarming narrative. Inside, this feeling continues as the text and images work together to convince readers—young female readers especially—of the beauty of their bodies, even when loud sounds or strong smells are produced by them. A variety of faces are included, as well, which spreads this story’s inclusive message across much of the human spectrum. I especially loved the unexpected ways words fit into the rhyming meter in order to tell the story.

Libraries of all kinds that serve young children would do well to consider adding this delightful book to their shelves.

Thanks so much to Blackberry Book Tours for the Best in Tour distinction!

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