Dystopian stories are one of the most frequent I have read, both as a teenager and as an adult. Something about the angst of the teen characters having to find their places in the world gets me, and I still find myself rooting for that angsty teen living in my own past.

The latest in the dystopian YA novels I’ve read is Tracker220, a #ownvoices debut novel about a Jewish girl living in a world dominated by technology. Kaya’s religion is a unique addition to the canon of sci-fi, dystopian stories, especially as technology cannot be removed from Kaya’s existence—even to observe the Shabbat. You can read my full review here, if you wish.

Kaya is a quintessential teenager, one who is focused on her boyfriend and her own situation without much knowledge or connection to outside events. However, when her Tracker malfunctions and she is thrust into an unfamiliar world where she must fight to survive, Kaya steps out of herself and into her unexpected new role.

Because of the complexity of the story, the connections between many of the characters are not as developed as I would have liked. There were several occasions where I wondered why Kaya cared about certain characters or why suddenly there was a strong connection without much preamble. Despite that, however, the story was interesting and the end was worth the wait.

Readers who enjoy dystopian, sci-fi stories with a touch of romance will appreciate the complexity and nuances found in Tracker220.

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