The Unforgettable Logan Foster

What a fantastic surprise this story was! Beginning as a narrative about an orphaned boy with a desire to find his birth family, it morphs into something altogether different while maintaining its initial emotional thread. I enjoyed how the book weaves together many engaging elements into a whole that does not feel forced or trite, and I fell in love with Logan from the very first chapters. Unique and captivating, this is a fabulous read for middle graders, especially those who might not always see themselves in the books they read. I hope there will be a sequel—that is a fact. Please see my full review below!


Logan Foster has spent most of his twelve years living in an orphanage in Los Angeles, having been found parentless at the age of three on a jetway at LAX. Despite several attempts, Logan has not found a suitable foster home, inevitably returning to the orphanage time and time again. One couple seems prepared to shift the paradigm of Logan’s life, but when Logan’s eidetic memory and knack for noticing details alert him to the fact that there are secrets being kept from him, Logan must speak up. And as inexplicable events begin taking place around them, Logan and his foster parents find themselves in the middle of an adventure they will never forget.

Told through the voice of a neurodivergent protagonist with an eidetic memory and a love of lists and numbers, this book reads markedly differently from many others of this genre. Logan is writing specifically to the younger sibling he knows is out there somewhere, frequently saying aloud what he has just been thinking. Each of the chapters begins with a timestamp and date to orient readers to when events are taking place, but the times are very specific and not what one might expect. Similarly, lists are found throughout the narrative as Logan attempts to make sense of the events happening in the world around him. Driven by facts and logic, Logan approaches his circumstances in the manner that makes the most sense to him, often surprising others with his unique abilities.

This book begins as a coming of age story about an orphaned boy who is on a quest to learn the truth about what happened to his birth family. Occasional insertions in the beginning make readers question exactly what is happening, but they do not deter from the primary plot. Then, the truth unveils itself in an expert and unexpected way, launching readers into an exciting and action-packed side of Logan Foster’s reality. Through humor and honest emotions, this story connects readers to the possibilities of the unknown and the power of family in all its forms.

Stunningly executed, this book is one that readers will refer to again and again. Fans of superheroes will engage deeply with Logan’s story as will those readers who empathize with the challenges faced by neurodivergent people. This story will keep readers on the edges of their seats as they fly through the narrative, and Logan Foster is sure to become a favorite protagonist for years to come. The Incredible Logan Foster is a superb addition to library collections for middle grade readers.

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