The Magical Imperfect

I really enjoy reading novels in free verse, particularly after reading several books written in traditional narrative style. There is something freeing and yet also more profound about using fewer words to tell a story than might otherwise be required.

The newest middle grade novel in free verse that I read was The Magical Imperfect by Chris Baron. It is the story of two middle graders who don’t fit in within their community for two separate and distinct reasons. However, their paths connect and together they help each other through some of the most challenging days of their lives. Please see my full review here.

Taking place in 1989 near San Francisco, the events of the large-scale earthquake that happened that year form the backbone of the narrative. Though I’ve never experienced an earthquake for real myself, the fear and uncertainty of this catastrophic event were effectively communicated in this book. I especially loved how the earthquake itself triggered a string of momentous happenings within the story, which I’m sure was not an accident.

Written in an accessible style with connections to Jewish culture, Filipino culture, immigration, social discomfort, and eczema, this book touches on many experiences shared by people across the United States and the world beyond. This is an excellent addition to libraries for middle grade readers.

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