The Lucky Diamond

The Lucky Diamond was another delightful story to be featured by Blackberry Book Tours, and this one is specifically geared toward middle grade readers. In the town of Lowdar, five siblings have been struggling to survive since the death of their parents and the banishment of their uncle to the frightening Great Forest. A chance meeting sets the siblings on a path to discover the unknown, making friends and enemies along the way. Though the beginning could use some improvement in both the exposition and the details included in the plot, the story itself picks up part way through and keeps readers engaged. Please see my full review below!


In the land of Nivram, not everyone has what they need to survive. Yvonne, Susan, Vicky, Cathy, and Alan are five siblings, all under the age of thirteen, who use their cunning to survive the ruthlessness of their hometown of Lowdar. Orphaned after their parents’ death and the later exile of their uncle, they must hide in order to keep from being tossed into the Great Forest themselves. A chance encounter helps to set the children on a new path, introducing them to a world of the unexpected beyond the confines of the life they have always known. This book is designed to appeal to younger middle grade readers, especially those with an interest in fantasy stories like The Chronicles of Narnia. Told in the third person, this book shifts perspectives from chapter to chapter, giving readers insight into what is happening with each character along the way, even if they are not in the same location as one another. Disappointingly, the beginning of the story lacks the development necessary to create a believable foundation for the action that follows, which can be off-putting to some readers. However, if they press on, readers will be rewarded by an engaging and action-packed adventure. Good writing and smooth pacing keep readers connected to the story amidst the many fantasy characters and circumstances appearing within it. Younger middle grade readers will appreciate this accessible introduction to fantasy literature and may be inspired to continue reading future installments in the series.

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