The Last Windwitch

Isn’t it interesting how fictional stories can help make sense of our world? I think it helps readers and writers alike to navigate the challenging realities of real life in a safe and distant space. The Last Windwitch is just such a story, one that tackles things like political corruption and climate change in an unexpected way.

This is the story of twelve-year-old Brida, a girl who has never known her parents and has been raised by a hedgewitch named Mother Magdi. Magdi has taken Brida under her wing to share her skills, but Brida’s innate magic works differently. Though they live on the outskirts of the kingdom, echoes of the destruction wrought by the evil Queen Moira reach their ears. They are constantly under the threat of punishment for remembering the stories of old, and the seasons have been drastically altered ever since Moira came to power. How does Brida fit into all this? You’ll have to read the story to find out! Please see my full review here.

I loved the way this story pulled me in from the first pages. The writing creates Brida’s world easily, and even though the setting is complex, the delivery of it is manageable and clear. Descriptive language is used throughout, as well. Phrases like “fear breathed goosebumps across her skin” and “a wrinkle of hills” give this story depth and texture that are vivid and memorable. Adding to the complexity of the narrative are unexpected allies and companions, reminding readers that people are not always as they seem.

If you like fantasy adventures with a tie to the earth and the power within each of us, I highly recommend this story.

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