The Last Shimmer

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I continue to be impressed by the skills and ambition of young authors as more and more of their work comes to my attention. Thanks to Blackberry Book Tours, I was introduced to Sage Hyatt, an up-and-coming young author who, with the help of her author father, has written several enjoyable tales for young readers.

The Last Shimmer is a short novel by Sage Hyatt that introduces young readers to the intimidating possibility of what can happen when human shadows demand their time in the light. The story begins with the protagonist, Tiger Lilly, standing up for her friend Stacy who is being bullied by a girl named Rita. Because the situation devolves into violence, both Tiger Lilly and Rita receive appropriate punishments. The following day, Tiger Lilly finds that nearly everyone she knows has mysteriously disappeared, and only a shadow version of herself is left at home. Together, Tiger Lilly and Stacy must determine what is happening and save their community before it’s too late. Please see my full review here.

For a young author, the writing is much more advanced than might be expected. It follows a visible story arc, incorporates elements of traditional writing, and contains an entertaining premise. Due to its short length, the progression of the story can feel disjointed at times and readers will wish to have more detail and explanation guiding them from one moment to the next. However, it is nonetheless a promising start for such a young writer; I expect we will see more great work from her!

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