The Ingenious and the Colour of Life

Tampering with human genetics has been a compelling drive for scientists for as long as it has been possible to do. The implications of this are deep and far-reaching, often exceeding any projections anticipated initially. The Ingenious and the Colour of Life examines the potentials of human genetic alteration from the perspective of those directly affected in a gripping and thought-provoking way.

This story includes a variety of perspectives, causing several characters to be introduced in quick succession without a clear connection until several chapters later. Because of this, readers are riveted, continuing to turn pages to learn what happens next. Themes of love and loss and the investigation of the difference between innate and orchestrated intelligence saturate the narrative, creating a unique and rich tale for young adult and adult readers alike. Please see my full review here.

Fascinating in its execution, this story is filled with intricate details about math, engineering, computer science, medicine, music, art, and more. As each of the characters becomes an expert in a particular area, the reader witnesses the depth of their understanding through specific vocabulary and experience. Strong connections to X-men and Inception provide a layered landscape that is at once familiar and entwined together to make something new. Though this is a longer story, each piece is important and well written, keeping readers engaged from beginning to end.

The depth of the narrative is best suited to more mature teen and adult readers, especially because of descriptions of death in several contexts. Even though the protagonists are young adults themselves, their advanced intelligence makes them wise beyond their years, connecting them with a wide range of readers. Anyone with an interest in the potentials of human genetic alteration in a captivating, fictional context will be considering the messages of this book long after it ends. I hope you get a chance to read it!

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