The Edge of In Between

The Edge of In Between is one of the most compelling books I have read in a long time. It centers around a girl named Lottie, who seems to have everything going for her in a world where magic is commonplace—at least until age and reality slowly leech it from most people. When tragedy strikes and Lottie finds her own magic suddenly snuffed out, she must make an important choice that will connect her to an uncle she never knew she had. Suffocated by her grief, Lottie initially fails to recognize the truth around her, but she undergoes a stunning and inspiring transformation as the novel unfolds. This story is beautifully written with a plot twist I didn’t see coming that kept me riveted until the very end. I highly recommend this excellent story to readers of all ages. Please see my full review below!


Somewhere between the Land of the Living and Ever After lies a place where souls wander, processing their realities before arriving at where they need to be. Twelve-year-old Lottie loves her life; filled with the magic everyone is born with, she channels her feelings into beautiful works of art that are as colorful as she is. But when her loving parents fail to return home as promised one night, Lottie watches as the future she had envisioned for herself crumbles before her eyes. A long-lost uncle claims her in her darkest moments, and she makes a choice that takes her far from home and everything that once brought her joy. And as each day passes, Lottie discovers that there is more to life than she ever realized.

Beautifully crafted, this story is one that is filled with magic, heartbreak, love, and healing. Anyone who has ever suffered great loss will recognize the metaphor of losing one’s color when life becomes challenging, and Lottie’s emotional journey will resonate with readers of all ages. Elegant descriptions bring Lottie’s world to life, both when it appears in vivid color and when shades of gray dominate the landscape. Readers are held captive by the poignant storytelling, especially as homages to other literary works are embedded within the narrative. Fans of The Secret Garden and Beauty and the Beast will appreciate how these stories intertwine within a new and unique context.

Though this story is initially intended for a middle grade audience, it is one that will speak to readers of all ages. Friendship and emotional healing lie at the heart of this tale, but an element of light horror will catch readers by surprise, increasing the stakes as the mystery in which Lottie has found herself begins to unravel. As often happens when grief overtakes one’s heart, the truth in the world becomes more difficult to recognize and, while the supernatural elements of Lottie’s story may be more fantasy than reality, they represent the very honest feelings of people who are suffering emotionally. This is a fantastic, stand-alone adventure that will keep readers pinned to their seats as they anxiously await a resolution for Lottie and her companions. Perfect for libraries serving middle grade readers, this is a tale that will speak to readers in profound ways, especially to those who are struggling to regain their own color and happiness.

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