Snow Struck

Though climate change has been an important topic of discussion for most of my life, there are still elements of it that I only marginally understand. However, like many things, I was able to find some of the answers I was seeking in the pages of a middle grade novel. Snow Struck is a fictionalized account of a shocking and unprecedented snowstorm propelled by the climate change happening in the world. It incorporates both the human emotions brought about by this event as well as some of the scientific explanations of how it could occur. Not only that, but it’s a pulse-pounding and compelling adventure story that will leave readers envisioning it as a true event. Please see my full review below!


For siblings Matty and Elizabeth, this is going to be a Christmas to remember. Having grown up in Florida, they are looking forward to spending the holiday with their cousin and her family in New York City, especially because there is a chance they will see snow for the first time. Unfortunately, all the winter layers they packed seem initially unnecessary due to unseasonably warm temperatures causing them to sweat like they would in the summer. But when the heat causes a sudden shift in the air over the polar ice cap, New York City is caught in a blizzard of epic proportions, leaving countless people fighting for their lives as the snow continues to fall.

Written from several perspectives, this story is a fast-paced and pulse-pounding adventure that feels real even though it is not. As the climate changes around them, characters around the world—human and animal alike—are interconnected: they are all affected by the unprecedented meteorological events described in the novel. These voices receive their own chapters, and clear denotations at the beginning of each section ensure that readers are aware of where the story has gone and who is speaking. Because of this design, readers are able to more easily settle into the minds of the characters to better understand the struggles they face in their individual situations.

Fans of the I Survived series will love the similarly realistic approach of this book despite the fact that the events described within it have not actually taken place. However, as an author’s note at the end describes, much of the reality presented within the pages of this story are not outside of the realm of possibility. Climate change is a natural occurrence in the world, but its progression has been accelerated by human behavior. The results of this are seen more and more every year, and it is up to humanity to do what it can to heal the earth before it is too late to do so. Filled with heart and intensity, this action-packed narrative is a noteworthy inclusion to library collections for middle grade readers.

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