Series Feature: Scoochie and Skiddles

Updated: Feb 11

Getting to spend time with grandparents and extended family is an important and priceless piece of childhood. This picture book depicts two cousins who get to share a day with their Gramma, wherein they use household items and their imaginations to create a magical world of wonder. It is especially noteworthy that this book features adopted cousins who do not look alike along with Scoochie’s two daddies, as these elements are not commonly found in literature for children. The first in a series, this is a charming tale for families to share. Please see my full review below!


What could be more fun than a day at Gramma’s house? Cousins Scoochie and Skiddles love spending time with their Gramma, especially because she knows exactly what to do to make them both feel special. On this particular day, the girls set about building a princess palace using blankets and furniture from around Gramma’s house. The finishing touch comes with unique attire and accessories that Gramma provides to each of the girls. When it comes time for Scoochie to go home, one very special gift from Gramma is required to help ease her disappointment. This charming picture book focuses on the adventures of two young girls spending the day together at their Gramma’s house. Scoochie has two daddies, and though the girls look different, they are as close as two cousins can be. Dynamic, digitally rendered illustrations show the girls as they go through their day, and their emotions are clearly visible on their faces. At the end of the day, Scoochie is upset about having to leave her Gramma sooner than she would have liked, and the story does an excellent job of depicting both this feeling and the positive management of it. Paragraphs of text are placed inside of each image, providing additional context to the visual components. Due to the length of the sentences and the overall theme of the book, it is best suited to elementary school-aged readers. The first in a series of Scoochie and Skiddles adventures, this is a story that will connect with young readers in a positive and inclusive way.

Scoochie and Skiddles are two cousins who have many adventures together, often within the comfortable sphere of their hometown. This second story dives deeper into Scoochie’s backstory and focuses on the dynamics of her family. She has been adopted into a family with two daddies who look different from her, and her adoption story is one that brought tears to my eyes. I think this is an important depiction of adoption and the beauty of families in all forms, and it is a book that stands out in the canon of children’s literature for its inclusivity and honesty. Please see my full review below!


It is a gorgeous, warm day—perfect for a trip to the park—and cousins Scoochie and Skiddles are excited to spend some time there together. After the girls have been playing on the swings and monkey bars for a while, some of the other children notice that Scoochie’s family looks different from theirs; with two daddies and skin tones that do not match one another, Scoochie’s family has drawn the intrigue of others on the playground. Proudly, Scoochie tells her companions of her adoption story, celebrating the myriad events that fell into line for her family to become connected. Thanks to a well of love and patience, Scoochie’s daddies have expanded their home to build a positive environment in which Scoochie can thrive. This second installment in the Scoochie and Skiddles canon focuses on Scoochie and how she came to join her two daddies. Told through accessible phrases and design, this story educates readers about how adoption can work and helps to normalize the experience. Scoochie is surrounded by love at every turn, emphasizing the fact that adoption can be a beautiful and healing event for everyone involved. Digitally rendered illustrations depict a variety of bodies enjoying the park together, including a range of skin tones, family types, and abilities. Interestingly, humans appearing in the background of the images lack facial features, drawing readers’ attention to those placed in the foreground. Though Scoochie’s story forms the foundation of this picture book, the entire presentation reinforces the message that while all families are different, they are united by a deep love for one another. Heartfelt and inclusive, this is an important story for families of all kinds to share together.

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