My Dad

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

I love reading picture books that celebrate family and love. When done well, the sentiments are expressed both in the text and in the illustrations, and families of all kinds will find something that resonates with them.

One such picture book I had the pleasure to read is My Dad, by Susan Quinn. This book tells the story of a little boy who loves his dad, even though he isn’t a superhero or as busy as many of the dads he sees. Instead, this boy and his dad get to spend lots of time together doing things like sledding or watching the sunset, building a bond that gets stronger every day. Please see my full review here.

This book is written for young children and includes limited text that comfortably rhymes throughout the book. For anyone reading or hearing it aloud, this is an excellent feature. As a former Storytime librarian, I am always on the lookout for books that feel good when read aloud! Though the boy and his father don’t share overt dialogue due to the nature of the narrative style, they interact in each image and their love is palpable. Soft watercolor images and expressive moments that occur through the course of both a day and a year, readers feel a profound sense of the love this boy and his father share.

This is a welcome addition to any library for young children and is a beautiful celebration of the fantastic dads in the world. I hope you get a chance to read it!

Do you know another great book I should include in my blog? Message me here and let me know!

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