Little Wanderers: The Everlasting Seasons

There is something about fantasy quests that bring people together from all walks of life. In this book, readers are introduced to Snowy, a dwarf who has believed for his entire life that the Winter Village he calls home is all that exists in the world. But Snowy hates winter, and he will go to great lengths to seek something beyond the confines of his current existence. This story will appeal to a range of ages, and while this book is poised for a sequel, this story has a satisfying conclusion on its own. Please see my full review below!


Snowy the dwarf has lived his entire 150 years in the Winter Village, surrounded by snow and ice and smothered by the belief that nothing exists beyond the bounds of his town. However, Snowy is determined to discover the fabled village of Originem and sets off on a brave and dangerous journey to explore past the outer limits of the home he has always known. Each new discovery leads Snowy to new friends, beliefs, and landscapes, challenging his widely held beliefs as he strives to make connections with others. Though initially limited, the encounters Snowy has leads others to expand their views of their world, as well.

This fantasy adventure is suitable for readers of all ages due to its accessible presentation and overall design. The writing itself would benefit from some improvement, but this does not detract from the plot. Long chapters focus on each step of Snowy’s journey, incorporating occasional references to God and prayer while Snowy and his companions learn about themselves and how they can serve the greater world around them. Unexpected characters help to advance the story, but the overall message of helping others is universal.

Poised for a sequel, this story introduces several elements that prepare readers for a second installment. Snowy and his primary companion Kokoro are clearly described, their antithetical personalities balancing one another as the story progresses. Their shared experiences cause Snowy to choose to do more than follow his initial desires, embracing their shared adventure and encouraging it to continue. While the writing can be improved, the story is nonetheless entertaining. Middle grade readers and above who enjoy fantasy tales will find this to be an engaging diversion from reality.

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