Jig Gets Lost

Something about the little, stumpy legs on corgis makes me immeasurably happy when I see them out in the world. This picture book is about a little dog named Jig who, though not directly referred to as a corgi, resembles one quite strongly. Jig is adventurous and curious, and when the opportunity arises to journey out into the wider world, Jig takes it even though he is not sure how to find his way home again. This first in its series is an enjoyable book especially for emerging readers because of its short, direct sentences and clear plot. Please see my full review below!


The world is filled with delightful aromas, but none are so enticing as the smell of home. Jig is a lovable dog with long, straight ears and short, short legs who lives with his family in the city. One day, when Mom is coming home with an armload of groceries, Jig takes advantage of the open door and departs to discover what secrets await him in the outside world. Drawn by the myriad food vendors nearby, Jig finds pizza, hamburgers, and even a hot dog that he gets to eat all by himself. But Jig has lost his way, and after extensive searching and a rest in a nearby park, he is awoken by the most wonderful sound of all. The first in its series, this book is designed specifically for emerging readers to enjoy. Told through short, direct sentences, young children will appreciate the straightforward nature of the narrative and the repetition of familiar words throughout the story. While this book is accessible to young readers on their own, it is likewise enjoyable for children to hear it read aloud by a parent or caregiver. Jig is a cute and friendly dog who is surrounded by equally charming humans and community members in each of the illustrations throughout the story. Though Jig’s family is white, the surrounding city is diverse in its representation as Jig investigates the spaces outside of his home. Watercolor hues ornament the cartoon-like illustrations, creating a backdrop for the story that is at once endearing and a pleasure to view. Approachable and heartwarming, this story is an enjoyable tale particularly for emerging readers and their caregivers.

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