How the Faeries Dance

After spending nearly my whole life either reading aloud or performing onstage, I am particularly picky when it comes to poetry. Therefore, I’m always delighted to discover poems that ensure their meter is carefully balanced and their rhymes are enjoyable to read aloud. This collection of poems does just that, connecting readers of all ages to the whimsical world of faeries, leprechauns, elves, and more. Coupled with beautiful illustrations, this book is a treat for both the eyes and ears. Please see my full review below!


Gardens, forests, and other natural landscapes are said to be the homes of creatures like faeries and leprechauns who add beauty and mischief to the surrounding world. This book features thirteen poems, all of which shed light on many aspects of the quotidien behaviors of these mysterious entities. From singing and dancing to crafting potions and reveling in the elegance of nature, elves, faeries, leprechauns and more are found residing within and among the flowers and animals of the natural world. Beautifully crafted, the poems in this book bring the whimsical world of faeries to life for readers of all ages. The poems themselves vary in both length and design, utilizing a blend of poetic styles and meter while rhyming the majority of the time. Because of the well-crafted meter, these poems are a delight to read aloud, whether one at a time or many in sequence. A dynamic textual presentation adds intrigue to the visual component of the words used in the story, connecting with both pre-readers and confident readers alike. Accompanying each poem are charming illustrations that depict the featured characters and the events described within the text. Warm hues, soft lines, and a variety of characters enhance the accessibility of the story and give the book a welcoming and inviting quality. Readers of all ages with a love of faeries and magic will find this book to be a welcome addition to their family library.

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