Genny Faces the Green Knight

One of my favorite stories growing up was the legend of King Arthur, and I even made it through the Mists of Avalon despite its enormous heft. The adventure and love story were appealing to me, and they still are today, which is why I found this book particularly intriguing.

Genny Faces the Green Knight by Darrel Gregory introduces a young girl named Genny and her companion ladybug named Bug. Together, the two go on adventures all over the world and through time thanks to the power of her magic tunnel. In this book, Genny and Bug go back in time to meet Queen Guinevere. While there, the mysterious Green Knight makes an appearance, and it is up to Genny to make sure that Queen Guinevere and her knights are protected. Please see my full review here.

This book is a great classroom read for older elementary school aged students. The narrative is long enough to provide ample description for older readers, while the illustrations make the story accessible to less confident readers at the same time. I especially love that Genny is depicted with dark skin and hair, because it is rare to find such a character in Arthurian stories.

Older elementary school aged readers will love Genny’s story and will no doubt be inspired to imagine adventures of their own after they’ve finished reading it. Open to several more sequels, readers will relish learning and playing alongside Genny and Bug through each one.

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