Eve's Ducklings

You know that feeling when you see the cover of a book and it just makes you smile? Picture books are some of my favorites for that reason, as so many of them do just that. Stories that focus on relationships between children and adult caregivers often fit into this mold and make you want to pick them up off the shelf and settle in with a loved one cozied up on the couch.

Eve’s Ducklings by Maria Monte is a book that elicits just that feeling. This is the story of a little girl named Eve who visits a nearby lake with her grandfather. Eve loves watching the ducklings playing and splashing in the pond, and she is determined to get close enough to touch one of them. As you can imagine, Mother Duck is not very excited about that idea, and after several failed attempts, Eve feels discouraged and goes to the playground instead. While the playground is fun, it is not the same as getting close to those ducklings, so Eve decides to try one more thing to get their attention. Please see my full review here.

Though her age is not mentioned in this book, Eve strikes me as a two- or three-year-old in her demeanor and enthusiasm. That, and her dialogue is exactly what I would expect my own two- to three-year-old to say in this situation! This endearing story made me remember times spent with my own grandfather and appreciate those my daughter spends with hers. Beautiful, pastel-colored illustrations elegantly depict springtime in Eve’s neighborhood, and the specific inclusion of palm trees and buildings places this book in the author’s Australian backyard. The sturdy cover and matte finish make the book a delight to hold and a joy to share with preschool-aged children.

Children and adults alike will love this simplistic approach to the intergenerational love shared between a grandfather and his granddaughter. Memorable imagery and poignant text bring Eve’s story to life and encourage adventures after the book ends. I hope you get a chance to read it!

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