Dreamrovers: Hearts of Defenders

It’s been such a pleasure to watch the Dreamrovers series grow over this past year. The overall story focuses on a culture where those who are able to venture into the dreamscape and the dreams of others are ostracized by their community. The Bridgley family bravely sets out to find a space where they can be themselves without fear of retribution or death, but the journey is not easy. This is the stunning conclusion to the series; please see my blogs about books one and two before heading into the review below if you’d like!


After an arduous journey through the Arn mountains, the Bridgley family and their companions have settled on a tentative homestead for their community of Dreamrovers. Beginning with a humble lean-to, the town steadily grows, brick by patient brick. Despite being far from their enemies, however, the Dreamrovers are not safe. Those with the ability to tread steal into the dreamscape to rescue others from the hands of evil, ultimately expanding their community even more. Through cunning and careful decision making, Indra, Walker, and their friends use their individual skills to help protect their families for generations to come.

This lovely conclusion to the Dreamrovers series brings elements from the first two books full circle in a satisfying and well-defined way. While the first book focuses on uniting the primary characters around a common goal and the second leads them on an epic journey to find a new home, this third installment showcases the strength of the characters’ resolve as they fight to preserve the community they have built. After having read the first two books, readers will have enough foundational information to easily fall into the rich storytelling that comes from being immersed in this fantasy world.

Primarily character-driven, this series is told from the perspectives of three unique protagonists: Walker, Indra, and Norma. As time goes on, each one undergoes profound personal growth while simultaneously highlighting specific elements of the Dreamrover experience. Wholesome relationships permeate the story, and even as partnerships grow closer, the descriptions are chaste and tasteful while still inspiring empathy from the reader. The action sequences in this story include slightly more gruesome elements than the first two books, but even those scenes rely more on the reader’s imagination than on the use of overt details within the text itself.

Readers who enjoy fantasy adventures with strong, character-driven plot lines are sure to fall for this series. The Dreamrovers are people who are openly attacked for their innate abilities—much like many groups are in reality—and this story shines an important light on these situations. Through teamwork, patience, and kindness, the Dreamrovers are able to rise above the rest, ultimately searching for ways to attempt collaboration in lieu of destruction. With an easy flow and a compelling storyline, this series is a lovely addition to library collections for young adult readers.

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