Sometimes, you need a good series that focuses on the strength of the human spirit while incorporating magic realism in a compelling way. The DreamRovers series by Christie Valentine Powell is just such a series, focusing on family in its many forms and how people treat each other because of outward differences. This series includes the danger that comes from being exposed to the elements and away from a permanent home, as well as the love that can grow among people who are surviving together. I’ve really enjoyed this series so far, and I’m looking forward to book three later this year!

Price of Deliverance is the first book in this series, and it introduces readers to the primary characters and the world they live in. This book is a really interesting take on humanity and the things that connect and separate us. It would make a fascinating film series or video game because of the fact that many of the characters can travel into dreams or communicate with one another telepathically. Violence and hints of romance are included in this story for young adult readers, and the primary message is one of growing to trust others and find support and love along the way. Please see my full review here.

Trail of Decision continues the journey to the Arn Mountains, where the Bridgley family faces many struggles, both internal and external. Readers get to know more about the individual characters themselves, and as they travel, their relationships deepen. Not everyone is kind and welcoming, however, and each character must learn to embrace their own strengths and find their own definition of the difference between right and wrong. Please see my full review here.

I love that this series is told from three perspectives—Indra, Walker, and Norma—because each voice is so unique and brings different information into the narrative. Each chapter is subdivided several times, lending readers a sense of accomplishment on nearly every page as the story progresses. Newer young adult readers will appreciate this flow as they make their way through each story because their reading confidence will quickly grow.

Action is secondary to the emotional relationships featured in these stories, but both entwine together to keep the narrative moving at an enjoyable pace. Readers will be inspired to learn what happens next with each of the characters as well as whether the family will ultimately arrive at their desired destination. Conflict inevitably arises between characters and their surroundings, but each challenge makes them stronger and more capable of surviving everything that comes next.

I highly recommend this series for young adult and adult readers who enjoy character-driven stories with only a light amount of romance and violence. This series is accessible to a wide range of readers for this reason, and fans will be eagerly awaiting book three.

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