Colorado Author Feature: Fleur Bradley

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I was lucky enough to grow up in Colorado. After living elsewhere for three years, I recognized just how delightful living in Colorado really is, and I couldn’t wait to come back. That’s one of the reasons I am featuring Colorado authors in my blog; there is just something extra special about them!

It is not easy to find great Colorado authors, but after meeting one through Reedsy, an Indie book review site, I was lucky enough to be connected through him to Fleur Bradley.

Fleur’s newest story is called Midnight at the Barclay Hotel, an homage to Agathe Christie and the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. You can read my review here, if you wish.

Fleur Bradley has a way of writing middle-grade stories that take readers by the hand and guide them through an appropriately challenging narrative. She will undoubtedly continue to add to the canon of noteworthy middle-grade literature, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her stories. You can find more of Fleur's work by clicking here.

Though I don’t know her well, Fleur Bradley seems like a delightful person and I am pleased to recommend her work to all who enjoy reading multifaceted middle-grade stories.

Do you know a great Colorado author who deserves to be featured on my blog? Send me a message and let me know!

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