Bald is Beautiful

It seems like the older I get, the more people I know who have received some sort of cancer diagnosis. This is probably just a reality of life, but I’m often surprised at the wide age range of people who must battle with this pervasive disease. While getting cancer as an older person is not enjoyable on its own, it feels even more difficult when younger people find themselves in this situation. No matter the gravity of the diagnosis, it is a wrinkle in the fabric of life that will test you to your greatest limits.

Bald is Beautiful by Carola Schmidt is an uplifting book that embraces the beauty found within, especially after losing one’s hair as a result of cancer treatment. It follows a young girl who begins the story at a salon as she has her hair cut off, presumably in anticipation of what is to come. Despite the unquestionable challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis, especially for someone so young, the girl maintains a smiling face as the story progresses. Supportive, equally lovely community members lift this girl up as she begins to add hats and scarves to her colorful wardrobe. Though it is not written as a traditional narrative, it is truly a love letter to any female having to go through the difficult experience of losing her hair. Please see my full review here.

Cancer, though widespread, is one of those things that is hard to talk about, especially for those who have not had direct experience with it. Some people prefer to discuss anything else, while others want to face it head on. This book, while supporting and encouraging women and girls losing their hair to cancer, also models how others can lend their support outside of the book. While everyone has different desires in this realm, even the act of being present for someone going through this experience is a gesture that will go a long way.

The cheerful, brightly colored pages add light and hope to cancer and celebrate the beauty that is found within. With or without hair, people are beautiful, and embracing that reality is an important step in the healing process. This book contains a lovely, supportive message for females of any age who are battling cancer.

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