Angel Eyes

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the fact that I have been asked to beta read a handful of books. Through this, I get to see books as they are developing while interacting with the authors who have created the stories along the way. One of the most exciting aspects for me is seeing the finished book, especially noting how the author has incorporated suggestions from their beta readers and how rich the story can ultimately become. One of the most recent beta reads I’ve done is Angel Eyes by A.N. Willis.

Angel Eyes is the second book in the Penny Wright series and takes place, once again, in Ashton, Colorado. This time, though, there has been a mysterious death in the supposedly haunted January House, and Penny ultimately finds herself trying to uncover the house’s secrets with the help of her paranormal abilities. As Penny is working to figure out her own life and where she wants it to lead, her brother Bryce enters the story with some skills of his own. Fast-paced and engaging, this is an enjoyable addition to this series. Please see my full review here.

One of the things I enjoy about A.N. Willis’ writing is how readable it is. Whether she is writing for young adults or an older audience, her stories flow smoothly and her writing is readily approachable. This book is no exception, and the multiple point-of-view approach gives readers a look at the story from several angles as the mystery begins to come together. There is also a touch of romance and thrill in this story, engaging readers without going into too much detail. Because of this, young adults and adults alike will be able to settle into this story.

After enjoying Devil’s Night so much, I was very excited to jump back into Penny’s world to learn what would happen to her next. This book did not disappoint, but it took the story in a different direction than I was expecting. Beautifully prepared for a sequel, this book has me waiting with bated breath for book three!

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