An Awfully Big Adventure

It has been one year since Captain Hook was made to walk his own plank, and now that the initial jubilee has come to a close, many of the residents of Neverland are finding themselves wishing for excitement to find them once again. Little do they know that Captain Hook was not swallowed by the croc as everyone assumed; he and Smee have been doing their best to survive on a deserted island, lamenting everything that has brought them to this paltry existence. Rumors of Captain Hook’s survival find their way to Tinkerbell’s ears, though, and she becomes determined to do whatever it takes to bring joy and purpose back to her Lost Boys and to keep Peter Pan from ever leaving Neverland again.

This thoughtful sequel to the childhood storybook tale of Peter Pan expands greatly upon the first story and provides ample exposition for many of the lesser-known characters in the original book. Neverland is not the utopia it first appears, Captain Hook has a plethora of secrets he only shares with Smee, and Peter Pan is finding himself wishing he could grow up with a certain special someone. Through the use of multiple perspectives and occasional breaks in the fourth wall, this story comes alive for readers of all ages, welcoming them back into the many adventures of Peter Pan and Neverland.

Though it is written for a middle grade audience, older readers who enjoy Peter Pan will also appreciate this extension of the story. Subtle hints at romance and occasional light swearing increase the maturity level of this narrative, but it remains accessible to the intended readership nonetheless. The novel itself is charming and engaging, and no matter how long it has been since readers have encountered the traditional Peter Pan tale, this book will give them everything they need to know to keep moving forward with confidence. Entertaining and original, this first in its series is an enjoyable story to share with both middle grade readers and their families.

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